WAGENCY's capacity to enforce the compensation of artists' labor depends on the active and sustained participation of its membership. WAGENCY only works if you use it, and to use it you must become a subscribing member for $5 per month. Subscription revenue directly supports W.A.G.E.’s work as an independent organizing body and covers the annual cost of accessing the public tax records of thousands of nonprofit institutions through Guidestar. Subscribers are assigned a nontransferable membership number and receive a dynamic SVG logo identifying them as active WAGENTS.


Who is a WAGENT? See a list here. How does WAGENCY work? Read more here. Why join WAGENCY? Because:

You think artists should organize and you want to join a union.

You think artists should organize but you don’t want to join a union.

You’re indifferent about organized labor but you have a show coming up and believe you should be compensated for your work.

You're vehemently opposed to organized labor but you did way more work than the curator and they're getting paid while you're not and you don't think that's fair.

A museum offered you a show and you’re afraid to ask for a fee. You also don't know how much to ask for.

An independent curator you know is organizing a show at a small nonprofit and invited you to be in it but you’re afraid to mention payment because it might put the curator in an awkward position and damage your personal relationship.

A well-established nonprofit that just moved to a brand new space and hosted a big gala fundraiser honoring a big-name artist asked you to be on a panel but you have no idea how much you should charge because you can't tell how much money they operate with.

You have more offers for gigs with nonprofits than you know what to do with but none of them are paid.

You have no offers for gigs with nonprofits but you want to support your friends that do.

You were in the W.A.G.E. Certified 2018 Carnegie International, 57th Edition, got paid a $1,500 W.A.G.E. fee that covered a month of your rent and you want that to happen again.

You’ve worked with a W.A.G.E. Certified organization before, got a fee, it helped pay off some of your student loan debt and improved your quality of life so you want to give back.

You want to see your name publicly listed in formation with other artists you respect.

You don’t want to see your name publicly listed in formation with other artists you respect but you have some social, cultural, or economic capital to spare and you want it to benefit other artists — so you choose to transact your labor through WAGENCY because you know that by consistenly applying pressure to institutions to pay W.A.G.E. fees you’ll help those who aren’t as lucky as you currently are.

You just f*%&ing love W.A.G.E. and want to support it.


Questions? Read the FAQ.

More Questions? Contact us at info@wageforwork.com.

If you want to join but can't afford to pay, please get in touch.


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