W.A.G.E. Certification's fee calculator is a 3-tiered system that determines fair compensation using two mechanisms: it establishes an industry-wide minimum or FLOOR W.A.G.E. for fees in 14 fee categories, and it scales these fees up from the floor using a fixed percentage of an organization's total annual operating expenses (TAOE). Use the slider to scale up or down—from the smallest organization at the far left to the largest institution on the far right. The calculator uses the same fixed percentage all the way along to demonstrate what fees would potentially be relative to each organization's TAOE, but always look to the column in green, MINIMUM W.A.G.E., which indicates the fees required for certification.

*When BELOW MINIMUM appears in grey under TAOE $500,000 it means that fees are too low, and when MAXIMUM W.A.G.E. appears in red over TAOE $15,000,000 it means that fees are too high because they could exceed the average salary of an institution's full-time employees. An average salary is estimated at $30,000 but will vary from institution to institution; W.A.G.E. will use an institution's actual average salary when working with it during the process of certification. For a complete overview of how fees are calculated, please go to the Fee Calculator page.